Upright Fridge Freezer Deals & Discounts

Upright Freezers can be a perfect addition to a kitchen. If a home doesn't allow a lot of square footage for another appliance, this type of freezer will be just the space saver needed. Another great feature is the adjustable shelving on the inside, instead of stacking food on top of other food the shelves allow meats and other frozen foods to be organized so digging for food is no longer necessary.

The shelves also allow for trays and large containers of food to be stored so if food is being stored away for a party an upright is just perfect for this purpose. This freezer can come with an optional freezer lock to prevent small children from accessing the freezer for safety reasons.

All and all an upright freezer can be a great addition to a family's home. Take a look at some of our latest upright freezer deals below.

Sleek and energy saving, the Freestanding Frost Free Fridge gives you an appropriate price for this energy efficient refrigerator. The Freestanding Frost Free Fridge gives you a variety of storage space, such as egg trays and wine racks to keep your food in an area you won’t have to search for it!

The Freestanding Frost Free [...]

The LG GB5133AVBW is a freestanding, total no frost, fridge freezer with A+ energy efficiency rating. It comes in a sleek stainless steel body and goes well with just about every type of kitchen. It offers a good mix in terms of design and performance.

This refrigerator comes with an external water dispenser. The freezer has [...]

The Gorenje RF60309OC-L is a freestanding refrigerator which mains a very spacious interior. You can store all manner of items in this fridge as it holds a net capacity of 229 litres. The freezer capacity alone is 65 litres. This includes its four glass shelves and two door shelves. Dairy shelves and egg racks also [...]

If you’re looking for a top of the line refrigerator with spacious capacity, excellent performance, durable body and sleek style, then the side by side fridge and freezer from AEG is perfect for you. Made in stainless steel body, this refrigerator will be a useful addition to any household. And don’t worry about the bills, [...]

Hotpoint fridge freezer in attractive graphic is a swank addition to any lifestyle. A+ energy efficiency rating makes it easy on the cheque book and environmentally friendly. Safety comes first with its three safety glass shelving options, two of which are fully adjustable.

Interior light will shine on the antibacterial protection this stylish Hotpoint fridge offers. [...]