Upright Fridge Freezer Deals & Discounts

Upright Freezers can be a perfect addition to a kitchen. If a home doesn't allow a lot of square footage for another appliance, this type of freezer will be just the space saver needed. Another great feature is the adjustable shelving on the inside, instead of stacking food on top of other food the shelves allow meats and other frozen foods to be organized so digging for food is no longer necessary.

The shelves also allow for trays and large containers of food to be stored so if food is being stored away for a party an upright is just perfect for this purpose. This freezer can come with an optional freezer lock to prevent small children from accessing the freezer for safety reasons.

All and all an upright freezer can be a great addition to a family's home. Take a look at some of our latest upright freezer deals below.

The Caple RFF550 Freestanding fridge and fridge has a gorgeous sleek, white design. This fridge will look fabulous in any kitchen, blending in, yet adding a sense of class. The slim design gives a different, interesting look from most standard refrigerators.

This machine will not break the bank to use. With an energy consumptions of 303 [...]

How many times in the last year have you thought about upgrading your freezer? Well, the Liebherr CN3556 – 60cm Frost Free Fridge Freezer is the perfect choice for the modern day family that looks for high quality and a sleek modern design in their appliances.

This beautiful and sleek energy efficient freezer is available in [...]

Made to compliment any kitchen, the Gorenje RK60359OBK is freestanding retro fridge freezer. It has an A+ energy efficiency rating, is finished in shiny black and has a total capacity of 315 litres. This unit has a right side door hinge and adjustable feet to use for proper leveling.

Antibacterial protection is included to prevent the [...]

The Whirlpool Freestanding Fridge Freezer features a A+ energy efficient rating and has a large food capacity! The Whirlpool Freestanding Fridge Freezer also features storage compartments for different kinds of foods, such as a crisper drawer and a pizza door balcony, so you won’t have to search your fridge for hours looking for the right [...]

Smart-looking Caple freestanding fridge freezer will be a sporty addition to your kitchen. Reversible doors accommodate left or right hand opening; the choice is yours. This stainless steel fridge is easy to clean inside and out, and never goes out of style.

Easy maintenance translates to an automatic defrost for the fridge, while the manual defrost [...]