Upright Fridge Freezer Deals & Discounts

Upright Freezers can be a perfect addition to a kitchen. If a home doesn't allow a lot of square footage for another appliance, this type of freezer will be just the space saver needed. Another great feature is the adjustable shelving on the inside, instead of stacking food on top of other food the shelves allow meats and other frozen foods to be organized so digging for food is no longer necessary.

The shelves also allow for trays and large containers of food to be stored so if food is being stored away for a party an upright is just perfect for this purpose. This freezer can come with an optional freezer lock to prevent small children from accessing the freezer for safety reasons.

All and all an upright freezer can be a great addition to a family's home. Take a look at some of our latest upright freezer deals below.

If you’re looking for a top of the line refrigerator with spacious capacity, excellent performance, durable body and sleek style, then the side by side fridge and freezer from AEG is perfect for you. Made in stainless steel body, this refrigerator will be a useful addition to any household. And don’t worry about the bills, [...]

Hotpoint fridge freezer in attractive graphic is a swank addition to any lifestyle. A+ energy efficiency rating makes it easy on the cheque book and environmentally friendly. Safety comes first with its three safety glass shelving options, two of which are fully adjustable.

Interior light will shine on the antibacterial protection this stylish Hotpoint fridge offers. [...]

Gorenje retro style fridge and freezer boasts an anti-bacterial interior, 4 glass shelves, vegetable crisper and a bottle holder. Storing food has never been this efficient with an energy star rating that is A+.

The refrigerator comes in a beautiful soft burgundy color to brighten up any kitchen. This large fridge gives 18 hours in storage [...]

The Ora Ito fridge freezer from Gorenje is an innovative freestanding frost free freezer that is perfect for families who are looking for amazing capacity and function. The refrigerator section holds 200 liters and the freezer section holds 62 litres. The capacity would be plenty for families who need storage and function for frozen food [...]

The Caple RFF550 Freestanding fridge and fridge has a gorgeous sleek, white design. This fridge will look fabulous in any kitchen, blending in, yet adding a sense of class. The slim design gives a different, interesting look from most standard refrigerators.

This machine will not break the bank to use. With an energy consumptions of 303 [...]